Allied Legal Group covers various areas of legal practice.

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There are often many ways to overcome any given issue concerning consumer or business debt. Our experienced attorneys can provide clients personalized and efficient solutions to resolve their debt and other financial problems. We can help you get a fresh start by eliminating or reorganizing as much debts as possible, taking into account your short and long-term goals. We have what it takes to protect you from creditors who seek bank account levies, foreclosure, and even wage garnishment to satisfy your debt. You can stop them in their tracks by getting immediate protection from one of our bankruptcy lawyers.


Our personal injury attorneys and litigation team will help you get maximum compensation for your personal injury loss. We will closely work with you to get a comprehensive understanding of the entirety of your injuries. Our attorneys are experienced and resourceful, able to support even the most complex of cases. We have an extensive network of experts we can call on for expert testimony.


Our firm assists individuals, families, and businesses with every component of Estate Planning, and we customize every Estate Plan to meet the unique needs of each client. Our experienced team can help you make the most informed decision possible and successfully navigate all legal processses ahead.


Our firm understands that every client, debt, and debt portfolio has its own specific needs and requires a customized collection approach. Our goal is to collect as much as can be collected without litigation. We make sure to conduct thorough investigations prior to litigation to assess the viabilty of the case.


Our firm’s business law practice team has extensive experience in advising corporate directors, officers, and business entities regarding everyday business activities. We help you spot issues before they happen and put a framework in place to protect you from them. Our services also include assistance on a wide range of transactional matters including contract drafting, intellectual property protection, asset and stock sale and purchases, and corporate formation and compliance.


Our Certified Public Accountant (CPA) attorneys have an in-depth understanding of all tax matters. Our expertise lies on defending clients against any and all IRS action, asset forfeitures, and regulatory violation allegations. Our team knows the importance of keeping you on the right side of state and federal tax laws, while you attempt to legally reduce your overall tax burden.


We are here for you.